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The Mutiny

Mutiny Mystery Box

Mutiny Mystery Box

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Mutiny is doing a mystery box. Over the years we have accumulated so many paintball items along the way and we need the space back for new products. Here is you chance to grab a box of all sorts of random things. Who knows what you might get but that's part of the fun. Below is a list of some items that could make it into your mystery box.

For 99.99 you will receive $200.00 in retail products

For $249.99 you will receive $500.00 in retail products

Potential items Included in the box at random include a selection of:

  • Paintball markers
  • Paintball loaders
  • Pro Paintball jerseys
  • Paintball goggles
  • Paintball goggle lens
  • PaintballShirts
  • Paintball Jersey
  • Paintball Gloves
  • Paintball Knee pads
  • Paintball Slider shorts
  • Paintball Elbow pads
  • Paintball Microfibers
  • Paintball Tank top
  • Paintball Pack or harness
  • Paintball Barrel Sock
  • Paintball Headband
  • Paintball Headwrap
  • Paintball Pants
  • Paintball baseball or snapback hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Paintball lanyards
  • Paintballs stickers and decals
  • Paintball loader numbers
  • Paintball beanie
  • Drawstring paintball back pack
  • Small hard parts for paintballs guns
  • Paintball stickers
  • Pre-owned paintball items
  • Old school marker parts
  • Rare paintball items
  • Secret paintball random Items
  • Pro paintball jerseys
  • Nothing remotely useful at all.

In the event that we run out of your size choice, we’ll substitute a size for you. There is no guarantee that you will receive something in your size. It is merely a recommendation for the random, available inventory. The above list is just an example of some items that may be included in your paintball Mystery Box. There is no guarantee that you will receive something specific from the list. Not all the products you will receive are mutiny products. It’s a collection of stuff from all paintball and non-paintball companies 

Due to the nature of this product we are unable to accept refunds, returns or exchanges. All sales are final. No refunds: you buy it, you keep it. While supplies last. By purchasing this item, you agree to the terms and conditions

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